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I am Sandesh Rao, a Consultant by Profession; an MBA, an avid Movie freak and a small time blogger. I am here to make friends and be friends. I carry with me a dream, dream of going on a road trip through Nevada USA, descried as "Loneliest Road in America". I love to get away, feel your true self. I want to make everlasting memories. I cherish each and every moment of life; as I believe a moment adds up to several moments which sums up our life. :)

Stereotype of Indian Society – 4 log …

A lazy Sunday afternoon…it is raining outside….i am browsing internet watching the trailer of Kung fu Panda 3 for the 5th time and suddenly….bang!!…. there goes my internet connection…. I call up my Internet service provider, just to get a … Continue reading

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Misconceptions Misconceptions – Time for enlightenment …

Scene 1: Misconception 1 It was a lazy Friday afternoon, I was in office as usual working on my laptop… ting ting…the typical sound from my iPhone grabs my attention…I get a message on whatsapp comparing the petrol prices in … Continue reading

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Athithi Devo Bhava

It was just another day “The Lazy Sunday afternoon”, with nothing on my plate especially no dating plans ( 🙂 ); what else can a young bachelor can do??? Hmm… wait a minute, he can watch TV. With a huge effort … Continue reading

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NaMo NaMo – Time for Vibrant India

Report card – Innocent fear crept into my heart when the teacher used to distribute report card telling us to get our parents signature on them. So, how Namo as a leader of one of the largest democracy in the … Continue reading

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