Stereotype of Indian Society – 4 log …

A lazy Sunday afternoon…it is raining outside….i am browsing internet watching the trailer of Kung fu Panda 3 for the 5th time and suddenly….bang!!…. there goes my internet connection….

I call up my Internet service provider, just to get a standard reply “We are working on it, your net connection will resume in an hour”….an hour…..*#%%….what am i going to do for one hour man….
This gave me a break. I got up boiled hot water and made myself a filter coffee. Sat near to window, sipping the hot tasty cup of awsm coffee; i didn’t even realize when I got lost in my own thoughts….time and tide waits for no man…there was a time when I was among the bunch of smarties during my engineering batch mates…but am I in a better position than the not so smarties of my class…No, the answer is No..
Lost in thought…why…8 years after my engg…still, why am I not better of compared to others….is it that I lack talent or it that i took wrong decisions post engg ….Trying to find an answer to my question, i dwelled deeper and deeper into my past life….ohh yes, i came to something that can be called as conclusion…my first job…ahh…beyond that…my field of study…i never liked engg, nor did i like my first job…

it took me a while to figure out, that i slogged a lot, yet i sucked at my workplace…it took me 2 years into my first job to understand that i need to change my field…then i decided to do MBA…well, a decision made finally after 2 yrs….the point to note is, what went wrong .. why it took me time to realize…
The underlining point is, in our country, my decision is not just my decision…my decision is conditioned by a very famous or rather infamous statement “4 log kya kahenge…engg mei bahut scope hai..woh XYZ ke ladke ko dekh…”…this not the end .. the so called “4 log” play a very imp role is all the damn imp decision of your life…be it choosing your field of study, buying a house, career etc etc… bt these so called “char logg”, never help you out, in case you are stuck in any problem…the point here is, these “char logg” has shunted the progress of our youth and till our elders carry this char log mentality, our youth will not be able to make free decision and will be paralyzed…

Unfortunately we are all part of the same society where char logon ki baatein n their opinion matters more than what an individual thinks and wishes for. This needs to stop right now.. and if it doesn’t.. then soon a time will come when nobody will dare to dream and the youth will continue to live in a paralytic state of mind-no goals and zero quality of life.

Few of my colleagues who succeeded, have climbed the ladder of success by choosing a non-conventional career.. few of my batch mates have started their own startup quitting the job and are doing exceptionally well and more importantly, they are enjoying what they do…

This only goes to prove that “log kya kahenge” is just a mindset which runs deep in our mentality…but if we choose to follow our dreams rather than these people, we will surely realize our dreams and attain ultimate happiness and peace…

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About Sandesh Rao

I am Sandesh Rao, a Consultant by Profession; an MBA, an avid Movie freak and a small time blogger. I am here to make friends and be friends. I carry with me a dream, dream of going on a road trip through Nevada USA, descried as "Loneliest Road in America". I love to get away, feel your true self. I want to make everlasting memories. I cherish each and every moment of life; as I believe a moment adds up to several moments which sums up our life. :)
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5 Responses to Stereotype of Indian Society – 4 log …

  1. Charu says:

    Nicely written! Good job!

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  2. preetgupta says:

    Well described the importance of 4 log 😛

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  3. K Naveenkumar Rao, says:

    sandesh marvelleous


  4. Joseph Fernandes says:



  5. Anant Patil says:

    Really thoughtful…


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