Misconceptions Misconceptions – Time for enlightenment …

Scene 1: Misconception 1

It was a lazy Friday afternoon, I was in office as usual working on my laptop… ting ting…the typical sound from my iPhone grabs my attention…I get a message on whatsapp comparing the petrol prices in India and other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and other developing countries…the message read,


Pakistan Rs 26.00

Bangladesh Rs 22.00

Nepal Rs 34.00and so on

I was like Dude…is this real and I pay around Rs. 66…craziness, if true…I heaved a sigh of relief, after browsing a lot of websites where I managed to find the real prices across the globe…so actual petrol prices are approximately

Pakistan Rs 67.00

Bangladesh Rs 79.00

Nepal Rs 80.44…and so on (http://www.kshitij.com/research/petrol.shtml)

I really fail to understand, who passes this kinda stuffs and WHY??? For once, this message seems so legit that you might start abusing the Indian Government for keeping oil prices high…

I decided, it’s high time…let us explore certain Misconceptions which we, as Indians have about ourselves

Scene 2: Misconception 2

We were having a potluck party, when one of the friend came up with the fact that, “India has no National Sport”…whatttttttttt…dude what about Hockey, I was been taught since childhood that “Hockey is our National game”; but now it is not and yes it is not…the Union Ministry has clarified it… see for yourself à (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/hockey/top-stories/Hockey-is-not-our-national-game-Ministry/articleshow/15322482.cms?referral=PM)

Scene 3: Misconception 3

Narendra Modi decides to address UN in Hindi…and hail the cheers comes even from the opponents like Mulayam Singh Yadav…my friend who was sitting next to me was overjoyed (not to mention, he was a North Indian.. 😉 ), but I asked why Hindi…why not Kannada or Tamil or for that matter any other language…to this I get a very sarcastic response saying that “Maybe Kannada or Tamil or something something is not our official language”….and my response was, “And what makes you think that Hindi is our National Language?”…it took me a lot of effort and help from Wikipedia page and youtube videos… (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_India, https://youtu.be/omSfFK1oNjc) to convince my friend that India has no national language, but official languages…and that too 22 of them … Evidence Check out the currency…

Misconception 4

Government officials are corrupt and are bad…we don’t even think that when we are caught driving without license or the relevant papers, we are the ones who give Rs. 100 note to policeman to avoid huge fine…this will make the policeman corrupt and not us!!!!

There is a huge list of misconceptions amongst Indians about India

and I can go on and on…But, the point here is …

The real point does not lie in the blindness but the shield you hold which further blinds the possible light to cure the blindness. Every floating information should be confirmed and we have technology at our disposal to get the answers, don’t blindfold yourselves and submit yourselves to the dark side of the information.

Editing Credits

  1. Ms Manisha Nair (LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/pub/manisha-nair/41/8a1/25)
  2. Ms Akshata Rao (Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/akshata.rao.718)

About Sandesh Rao

I am Sandesh Rao, a Consultant by Profession; an MBA, an avid Movie freak and a small time blogger. I am here to make friends and be friends. I carry with me a dream, dream of going on a road trip through Nevada USA, descried as "Loneliest Road in America". I love to get away, feel your true self. I want to make everlasting memories. I cherish each and every moment of life; as I believe a moment adds up to several moments which sums up our life. :)
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