Stereotype of Indian Society – 4 log …

A lazy Sunday afternoon…it is raining outside….i am browsing internet watching the trailer of Kung fu Panda 3 for the 5th time and suddenly….bang!!…. there goes my internet connection….

I call up my Internet service provider, just to get a standard reply “We are working on it, your net connection will resume in an hour”….an hour…..*#%%….what am i going to do for one hour man….
This gave me a break. I got up boiled hot water and made myself a filter coffee. Sat near to window, sipping the hot tasty cup of awsm coffee; i didn’t even realize when I got lost in my own thoughts….time and tide waits for no man…there was a time when I was among the bunch of smarties during my engineering batch mates…but am I in a better position than the not so smarties of my class…No, the answer is No..
Lost in thought…why…8 years after my engg…still, why am I not better of compared to others….is it that I lack talent or it that i took wrong decisions post engg ….Trying to find an answer to my question, i dwelled deeper and deeper into my past life….ohh yes, i came to something that can be called as conclusion…my first job…ahh…beyond that…my field of study…i never liked engg, nor did i like my first job…

it took me a while to figure out, that i slogged a lot, yet i sucked at my workplace…it took me 2 years into my first job to understand that i need to change my field…then i decided to do MBA…well, a decision made finally after 2 yrs….the point to note is, what went wrong .. why it took me time to realize…
The underlining point is, in our country, my decision is not just my decision…my decision is conditioned by a very famous or rather infamous statement “4 log kya kahenge…engg mei bahut scope hai..woh XYZ ke ladke ko dekh…”…this not the end .. the so called “4 log” play a very imp role is all the damn imp decision of your life…be it choosing your field of study, buying a house, career etc etc… bt these so called “char logg”, never help you out, in case you are stuck in any problem…the point here is, these “char logg” has shunted the progress of our youth and till our elders carry this char log mentality, our youth will not be able to make free decision and will be paralyzed…

Unfortunately we are all part of the same society where char logon ki baatein n their opinion matters more than what an individual thinks and wishes for. This needs to stop right now.. and if it doesn’t.. then soon a time will come when nobody will dare to dream and the youth will continue to live in a paralytic state of mind-no goals and zero quality of life.

Few of my colleagues who succeeded, have climbed the ladder of success by choosing a non-conventional career.. few of my batch mates have started their own startup quitting the job and are doing exceptionally well and more importantly, they are enjoying what they do…

This only goes to prove that “log kya kahenge” is just a mindset which runs deep in our mentality…but if we choose to follow our dreams rather than these people, we will surely realize our dreams and attain ultimate happiness and peace…

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Misconceptions Misconceptions – Time for enlightenment …

Scene 1: Misconception 1

It was a lazy Friday afternoon, I was in office as usual working on my laptop… ting ting…the typical sound from my iPhone grabs my attention…I get a message on whatsapp comparing the petrol prices in India and other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and other developing countries…the message read,


Pakistan Rs 26.00

Bangladesh Rs 22.00

Nepal Rs 34.00and so on

I was like Dude…is this real and I pay around Rs. 66…craziness, if true…I heaved a sigh of relief, after browsing a lot of websites where I managed to find the real prices across the globe…so actual petrol prices are approximately

Pakistan Rs 67.00

Bangladesh Rs 79.00

Nepal Rs 80.44…and so on (

I really fail to understand, who passes this kinda stuffs and WHY??? For once, this message seems so legit that you might start abusing the Indian Government for keeping oil prices high…

I decided, it’s high time…let us explore certain Misconceptions which we, as Indians have about ourselves

Scene 2: Misconception 2

We were having a potluck party, when one of the friend came up with the fact that, “India has no National Sport”…whatttttttttt…dude what about Hockey, I was been taught since childhood that “Hockey is our National game”; but now it is not and yes it is not…the Union Ministry has clarified it… see for yourself à (

Scene 3: Misconception 3

Narendra Modi decides to address UN in Hindi…and hail the cheers comes even from the opponents like Mulayam Singh Yadav…my friend who was sitting next to me was overjoyed (not to mention, he was a North Indian.. 😉 ), but I asked why Hindi…why not Kannada or Tamil or for that matter any other language…to this I get a very sarcastic response saying that “Maybe Kannada or Tamil or something something is not our official language”….and my response was, “And what makes you think that Hindi is our National Language?”…it took me a lot of effort and help from Wikipedia page and youtube videos… (, to convince my friend that India has no national language, but official languages…and that too 22 of them … Evidence Check out the currency…

Misconception 4

Government officials are corrupt and are bad…we don’t even think that when we are caught driving without license or the relevant papers, we are the ones who give Rs. 100 note to policeman to avoid huge fine…this will make the policeman corrupt and not us!!!!

There is a huge list of misconceptions amongst Indians about India

and I can go on and on…But, the point here is …

The real point does not lie in the blindness but the shield you hold which further blinds the possible light to cure the blindness. Every floating information should be confirmed and we have technology at our disposal to get the answers, don’t blindfold yourselves and submit yourselves to the dark side of the information.

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Athithi Devo Bhava

It was just another day “The Lazy Sunday afternoon”, with nothing on my plate especially no dating plans ( 🙂 ); what else can a young bachelor can do???
Hmm… wait a minute, he can watch TV. With a huge effort I dragged myself from sofa to get TV remote. *CLICK*
Now-a-days these TV shows are so boring… grrrr… But suddenly, as I was surfing through the channels, I came across an advertisement by Mr. Amir Khan “Athithi Devo Bhava”.

Questions started flying in…. “Why “Athithi Devo Bhava”?”
After surfing internet and reading some articles, this is what I got.. To begin with

“Athithi Devo Bhava”, an ancient phrase from Indian culture, can be explained in parts.
The first part, “Athithi” meaning without fixed time / date, “Devo” means God and “Bhava” means is; and so the entire phrase means The Guest Is God. What does this means, no need to explain, RIGHT… This literally means “RESPECT YOUR GUESTS”, and yes we should really respect them in actions not just in words only J

But driving to the bigger picture, Is there any big motive, as to why our government is promoting “Athithi Devo Bhava”’ Yes there has to be. Why should we promote, the answer is simple; more tourist more foreign currency, more money to India and we progress … Simple Flow … isn’t it…

Let’s make it complex
Tourism benefits India in three ways-employment, foreign currency and infrastructure development. This includes jobs in hotels, transport, attractions and tour companies. Others indirectly benefit such as restaurants and retail shops. Tourism generates foreign currency, assisting the country’s trade balance. Another benefit is infrastructure development such as hotel construction, airport improvements and ground transportation systems. In addition, tourism promotes understanding among people, both among Indians from different parts of the country, and with foreigners.
But here comes the disappointing part

It is really saddening to see that India inspite of having rich culture hardly follows it. Today, whenever a foreign tourist comes to India; instead of welcoming them we just see them as ATM machine and fool them, display such an unethical behavior which really bring shame to our nation.

The fingers are even pointed towards the safety aspect with alarming rates of murder, rape and thefts,

The slogan is slowing dipping just like the sun setting into the sea but in a bitter scenic view
It’s time we rise to a new sunrise and embrace the Indian Culture of “Atiti Devo Bhava” to our hearts and not to the mere formality to truly showcase the spirit.



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NaMo NaMo – Time for Vibrant India

Report card – Innocent fear crept into my heart when the teacher used to distribute report card telling us to get our parents signature on them. So, how Namo as a leader of one of the largest democracy in the world would feel.

With Indian media creating hype over the report card of Sri Narendra Modi; I thought of putting my grades on the KPIs of “What did Sri Narendra Modi ji accomplish in year 2014?”

May 16, 2014 – I remember the day as I was glued to my TV set since 8 am and the smiles on my face when I saw NDA (BJP) leading 4 seats to 0 for others at 8.10 am and by the end of day, it was clear that all the other political parties has been swept or drowned in Modi wave. This day marked the beginning of new era, “The Modi era” as I would call it; wherein we saw a first non-Congress leader was elected as 15th Prime Minister of “Republic of India” with full majority.

Let us look at the key aspects of NaMo leadership:

  1. I have become the Prime Minister, now what, yesss a vacation to US followed by European nations; but this was not the NaMo plan of action. Being the Prime Minister, his utmost priority was to Strengthen the relations with neighboring nations and the countries he started off with was Nepal and Bhutan. China was providing aid to Nepal to improve infrastructure just in case to improve mobility of PLA in case of war with India. Hold on Mr. China, NaMo has a return gift for you; “Modi announces $1 billion concessional line of credit to Nepal”. The priority of NaMo is to get more buddies for India, be it through SAARC or BRICS or visit to stronger nations like US, Australia, China or Japan.
  1. NaMo NaMo chants are common in India whenever Sri Narendra Modiji addresses a rally, but the same chant was heard in Madison Square Garden, is that in US? Yes, it is in US. I have heard Samjhauta Express or Rajdhani Express per se, but Australia has a special train Modi Express. Be it US or Australia, the charisma of Modi has been successful in attracting crowd in foreign nations as well. No other Indian leader has managed to gain so much popularity internationally.
  1. The days will be long gone when we walked the lanes with our nose closed; and all the credit for this goes to “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan”; started by INC (as they claim); but yes popularized by NaMo. I haven’t seen any other Prime Minister talk of cleanliness and toilets so many time that it has spread as a wide fire across the nation. Remember the ad by Vidya Balan for women hygiene and separate toilet. You don’t remember, sad but you definitely know “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” That’s the charm.
  1. “Hum poochte hai naukri kahaan hai?” (We ask you all where the jobs are?). Opposition says, NaMo has done nothing to eradicate the problems of unemployment. Well opposition, I ask you then what is “Make in India”. Let me explain this, Make in India – attract international investments – help them setup industries – GENERATE EMPLOYMENT.
  1. Victim: Sir, the government has sanctioned INR 100,000 for flood victim                  Govt Officer: Here, take your cheque                                                                                  Victim: but, I don’t have bank account….                                                                                    And we all know the rest of story ….                                                                                         To tackle this, NaMo has a master plan too; “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana”. In my opinion it would also help to reduce the corruption as the subsidies sanctioned for the needy will be directly credited to their account thereby reducing the leakages and middlemen at various stages.

I would like to conclude my report with few words, with the oil prices reduced, inflation in control, stapled with healthy stock market( Let’s make some bucks); I would say our economy is really looking good. I haven’t seen any other Prime Minister of India who has achieved such feats considering the time frame we are looking at.

Despite all the diplomatic moves and dirty politics played by opposing party, NaMo has come up strong.

I trust NaMo, do you?

Year 2015 – Achhe din ayenge……


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